Sire Design’s projects are based on strong design concepts and great attention to detail. With a design approach rooted in modernist principles of design and architecture, Sire Design takes an analytical approach to interiors while having an open-minded view of innovation. Each of the firm’s designs are made stylistically and functionally everlasting with the use of premium materials and unparalleled craftsmanship. The extraordinary spaces they design are highly detail-oriented and are the sum of carefully curated ideas.

Sire Design believes that, as interior design creatives, their role is to transform and re-purpose each space - breathing new life into every project. Specializing in residential, development, and commercial interior design, they have completed projects in over three countries and a dozen cities nationally.

Interior Designer, Creative Director, and Sire Design Founder Eilyn Jimenez is known for her innovative interiors, outstanding quality designs, and commitment to each project. Jimenez ensures her visualizations are not trend-led but synonymous with timelessness and longevity. Her rare ability to connect deeply and precisely with clients’ visions has resulted in an array of projects ranging from custom homes, high-rise condominiums, private estates, retail spaces, and luxury yachts. Known for the impeccable ability to juxtapose bold style with tasteful elegance, Sire Design has become renowned throughout the country.

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Our Team

Eilyn Jimenez
Founder & Creative Director

Karina Perlaza
Lead Interior Designer